Can I replace the core module on the BL2600 with an RCM3900?

If you wish to use your current BL2600 and swap out the core module for an RCM3900, you will need to re-write the IDblock.

An updated write system ID block utility is provided both in the BL2600Q CPCE patch ZIP archive and in the DC 9.62 cumulative patch update ZIP archive, at Samples\write_idblock_920_962.c.
Please go to the Digi website, at

There is a Dynamic C 9.62 library Patch.


This patch is intended to fix a number of Dynamic C 9.62 standard libraries' and
samples' issues. Please refer to the "PatchNotes_*.*" files for details.

This patch also includes the content of an earlier patch which adds support to
Dynamic C 9.62 for a new BL2600Q board type, product ID 0x170F, comprised of an
RCM3900 installed into a BL2600 base board. Please refer to the
"README_BL2600Q_PATCH.TXT" file for details.

This patch is distributed as a ZIP archive file overlay. Before installing this
patch you may wish to make a backup copy of your original Dynamic C 9.62
installation folder. To install this patch, simply extract all ZIP archive
content into the Dynamic C 9.62 main installation folder and the patched files
will be placed and / or replaced in the appropriate sub-folders.

Note that this patch has not passed through Digi Rabbit brand Engineering
Systems Assurance's rigorous testing. However, each patched issue has received
individual unit testing
Last updated: May 24, 2019

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