Compatibility from XStream firmware version 4.25 to 4.29

There were some significant changes in functionality of the XStream firmware from version 4.25 to 4.29. Here are some of the changes that might affect compatibility:

Time to execute ATWR command (or binary equivalent)The non-volatile memory is now double protected against data corruption. This ensures reliable non-volatile storage of all parameters. Command now takes 500ms to execute instead of the previous 100ms or less.
Modules contain a unique serial number accessible via AT commands. (ATSH, ATSL).Some systems make use of the radio module serial number for system addresses or inventory purposes.
Field updateable firmwareThe modules can be reprogrammed with new firmware using PC software provided by Digi.
Larger data buffersModule can now buffer up to 1000 bytes with no need for flow control. Visit Loopback repeater and buffer sizes for more information on buffer sizes.

Note: The 900MHz XStream radio is now considered a Legacy product and is no longer available for purchase. The replacement module is the XBee XSC, more information about this radio can be found here: 
Last updated: Jun 12, 2019

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