Compatibility issues to add gmail account to install Google play on Android 2.3 CCWi-i.MX53 device

Generally the normal way to get the Google "Play store" goes through three steps on Android device.
1. Make our device pass the 100% of the CTS tests.
2. Contact Google to let them know our device is fully compatible(because it passes all the tests).
3. Install "Play store" and associate it to a Google account.

But in the Android 2.3 CCWi-i.MX53 SDK case, this is not a end product, only end product can pass all the CTS tests and register this device in Google, once registered then only we can add the Google account and install Google play store.So the conclusion is, in order to install Google play store and services in official way customer needs to go through the procedure described above.

Last updated: Jun 12, 2019

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