Configuring and Using Multiple Sessions on PortServer II and TS

The PortServer II/TS models can support up to four telnet sessions per port by default. This value can be increased, the following example shows how to increase the sessions to five:

set port range=(port_number) sess=5

To use the multiple telnet session feature, login to the PortServer II/TS directly from a serial port (do not use telnet) and initialize the first telnet session:

#> telnet (ip_address)

To establish a new telnet connection press . At the PortServer II/TS prompt, type a new telnet command:


#> telnet (ip_address)

To switch back and forth between the two sessions:

[Ctrl] ] 1 <--To return to the first session

[Ctrl] ] 2 <--To return to the second session


The same steps would apply up to the number of sessions defined under the port setting.

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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