Connect WAN 3G/4G Family - RomPager - Evaluation of Security Vulnerability – VU#561444 Expanded info on CVE-2014-9222, CVE-2014-9223

Connect WAN 3G/4G Family Firmware Downloads

Product FamilyPart NumberDescriptionNew FirmwareLink to upgrade
Connect WAN 3GDC-WAN-B101-AConnect WAN 1XRTT Sprint2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-B205Connect WAN IA X1RTT VZW2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-E300-WConnect WAN 3G Cell Ready W2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-T302-AConnect WAN 3G AT&T w/Ant2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-T311-AConnect WAN 3G Verizon2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-U301-AConnect WAN 3G HSPA w/ Ant2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-U801Connect WAN 3G G3K no Access2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-U801-AConnect WAN 3G G3K US2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-U801-WConnect WAN 3G G3K Int2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-U901-AConnect WAN 3G HSPA+ US2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-U901-WConnect WAN 3G HSPA+ Int2.17.6.4Download
Connect WAN 3G IADC-WAN-P501Connect WAN 3G IA HSPA2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-U805Connect WAN 3G IA G3K2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WAN-U905Connect WAN 3G IA HSPA+
Connect WAN 4GDC-WAN-Y301-AConnect WAN 4G2.17.6.4Download
Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

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