Copying the Digi CM/Passport config via scp.

Copy the whole config from the CM/Passport to the host you are on:

    scp -p -r root@CM/Passport_IP:/tmp/cnf/* .

This will copy the whole CM/Passport config to the directory you are currently in (.).

Copy the whole config to the CM/Passport from the host you are on:

    scp –p –r . root@CM/Passport_IP:/tmp/cnf

This will copy the whole config from the directory you are in (.) to the CM/Passport.

    From the Digi CM/Passport command line run "saveconf" and "applyconf".

NOTE: If relevant, make the following changes before running saveconf & applyconf. Copying the whole configuration will copy over the existing IP. If you wish to change the IP (or any other basic network info), you can do so by editing the "system.cnf" and "interfaces" files. If you have a DNS server, you also need to edit "resolv.conf". If the firmware version does not match the unit you are copying from, edit the "version" file. These files all reside in /tmp/cnf.
Last updated: May 28, 2019

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