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CPU utilization approaches 100% in Windows NT



In Performance Monitor, when monitoring the TAPISRV process, CPU utilization approaches 100%.


There are several Q-Articles on Microsoft''''s web site that reference possible reasons for the CPU utilization to spike. 


Verify under Task Manager, Processes what process is really spiking the CPU Utilization. Make sure you are on the latest service pack for Windows NT.

To correct this problem, go into Control Panel, Network.  Highlight the Digi adapter and select Properties.  Change the Close Timeout settings in the Ports Properties of the driver from its default of 25msec to 0msec.  Make this change for each port.  Reboot the system for this change to take effect.

Verify that there are no modems configured for RAS that are no longer connected to the system or are powered off. Reference Microsoft Knowledge Base Document Q181490 and Q154387.
Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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