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DataFire SYNC Family Frequently Asked Questions

The final release of the Digi DataFire Family Device Driver supported the SYNC 2000 and SYNC/570i.  All the supported boards can be installed in conjunction with each other.

Note:  This product is obsolete and unsupported, but we will offer this information for the convenience of those who need it.  All information listed below was current when the product was supported, but should be considered "as is" and to be used at your own discretion.


1. Protocol Support for the SYNC products: 

2. Benefits of the Digi Device Driver: 

  • The driver can support all protocols on a single adapter or on multiple adapters in the same server. If configured for SNA or PPP, the WAN Access driver, will not allow for other protocols to be configured or used on that server.
  • Digi has full developmental control of the driver. WAN Access, in comparison, is resold by us but written and controlled by The Software Group, Ltd. (TSG).
  • Digi's device driver fully supports the DF S/570i 4 port PCI adapter. All four lines of the adapter can be used for Frame Relay PVCs, in comparison to WAN Access's limitation of one line per adapter.


What Operating Systems or protocols did Digi provide Sync family device driver support for?
Please check the Digi Support Site for details on product/OS driver availability.

What cable types were available?

A: The product supported EIA-232 (V.24), V.35, X.21(V.11), EIA-530(EIA-422) and V.36 cabling options. Not all of the options listed are supported for both SYNC 2000 and SYNC/ 570i ISA and PCI adapters.  These products along with their cables have since been End-of-Lifed.

Was a Developer's Kit available for the adapters?

A: If you purchased the WAN Access for NT package, a complete SYNC API was included.  For information on other DDK options, see:  Does Digi have a Device Driver Kit (aka DDK) for my product?

Was the IBM eNetwork Communication Server for NT (IBM's version of SNA Server) supported?

A: Yes, version 6.01 or greater was supported.

What versions of Microsoft SNA server were supported?

A: The product was tested with SNA 3.0 and 4.0, including the latest Service Packs at that time.  SNA 2.11 was not tested, as it is a very old version and wasn't Y2K compliant.

How does this driver support PPP?

A: When configured for PPP, the line is usable as a Remote Access Service device.

Does this driver provide for modem dialing support in conjunction with PPP?

A: No, the S/2000 and S/570i drivers do not provide any facility for passing 'AT' strings to a modem.

How are X.25 SVC (Switched Virtual Circuits) handled in your driver?

A: The X.25 SVCs are used through the Remote Access Service.

Does the PPP and X.25 SVC drivers support Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS)?

A: Yes, we function well with RRAS, including the use of Demand-Dial Interfaces.


Last updated: Jan 09, 2024

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