Digi Connect Wan Recovery Procedure

Recovery Procedure for Digi Connect Wan Family (non 3G)
  • Locate the 4 service pins recessed in the housing just to the left side of the Ethernet connector. Apply a standard jumper to the 2 pins closest to the Ethernet port.       
  • Connect a cross-over serial cable to the Console port and bring-up a terminal emulator program and set it to 9600 8 n 1 (for CLI access)
  • Power-on the device and wait for the POST menu
  • Select "t" from the boot menu for TFTP related choices
  • Select "2" from the TFTP options menu
  • Enter TFTP file name of the firmware ( ie 82001160_G.bin )
  • Enter IP address for the unit ( ie )
  • Enter Network Mask ( ie )
  • Enter Network Gateway ( ie )
  • Enter TFTP Server address ( ie )
  • Enter "3" to get file from TFTP server
  • Enter "4" to put TFTP'd  OS into flash
  • Enter "v" to valid flash
  • Enter "5" to run OS from flash
  • You should get a command prompt.
  • Power down unit and remove jumper
  • Power unit back up and it should come up running on the recently flashed firmware/OS
Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

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