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Resetting Optimization Default to "Latency" on the PortServer TS HCC MEI

Digi PortServer TS Hcc MEI model numbers:

70002038 - 1 port
70002039 - 2 port
70002040 - 4 port Firmware version:


For this product family, the intended default for the optimization setting is "latency".

After initiating a hardware factory reset (by holding down the reset button during power up), the optimization setting correctly defaults to "latency". However, if you type "revert config=factory", "revert all=factory" or use the web UI to revert settings, the setting change to "throughput" instead. In short, if you revert to factory settings in software, you must manually set the optimization to the intended default value which is "latency".

This can be easily corrected by manually setting the optimization to "latency" using one of the following methods:

Command Line method: "set config optimize=latency"

Web UI method: Configuration > System > Optimization field.  Change Optimization drop-down selection to Latency, then hit the Apply button on the page.

Note: This bug exists only on PortServer TS HCC MEI devices. Most other PortServer family devices default to an Optimization type of "Throughput" rather than "Latency".

Last updated: Jun 07, 2019

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