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DirectShow vs. TWAIN/AVI Watchport USB camera drivers

What are the differences between the DirectShow and TWAIN/AVI drivers, for the Watchport/V2 and Watchport/V3 USB cameras?

DirectShow is the more modern interface of the two. 
The choice of which one to use mainly depends on the software application you plan on using to interface with your Watchport/V2 or Watchport/V3. For example, most Photo ID / Badging (snapshot) software applications require the TWAIN driver, while most Instant Messaging type (motion video) software applications require the DirectShow driver. 
If you plan on using your Watchport/V2 or Watchport/V3 with our bundled viewer, we recommend using the DirectShow driver. As the Watchport/V2 and Watchport/V3 are both "DirectShow-based" cameras, using the DirectShow driver will result in better performance, generally speaking. 
Note that you cannot run both drivers at the same time, and this information does not apply to the original Watchport/V USB camera.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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