Does Digi provide support for EdgePort in Linux?

Digi does not provide support for the EdgePort in Linux.   The EdgePort drivers are provided as a courtesy for customers and are provided as is.
The EdgePort driver is provided in the Linux 2.6 kernel. As such, it is always recommended that the latest stable kernel releases be used.   For 2.4 kernels, the "EdgePort driver package for Linux" should be used. These files are edgeport_release_notes-0.5-1.txt, edgeport-0.5-1.src.rpm, and edgeport-0.5-1.tgz and are provided "as is". The files can be downloaded here.   For EdgePort/8 TI units (part numbers: 50001314-01, 50001362 and 50001310-01) and 2.6 kernels older than 2.6.23, a patch may be obtained HERE. Please refer to the readme file for details.   For EdgePort/416 TI units (Part Numbers: 50001359-01 and 50001361-01), with 2.6.35 kernels or older, please upgrade your kernel to the latest stable kernel. If this is not possible, we recommended obtaining the latest io_ti driver patches from the Linux USB lists.   EdgePort/416 TI units (Part Numbers: 50001359-01 and 50001361-01) are not supported in 2.4.x kernels
*Driver support provided by Linux USB maintainers.
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Last updated: Jun 07, 2019

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