Does the AnywhereUSB TS44 support multiple computer connections?

All 4 of the USB ports of the AnywhereUSB TS44 model can connect to one computer at a time, giving that computer access to all of the USB devices attached to all 4 ports. The 4 USB ports cannot be "split up".

However, the 4 serial ports can be "split up". For example, you can have one computer connected to serial port #1, another computer connected to serial port #2, and so forth. Or you could have one computer connected to serial ports #1 and 2, and another computer connected to the remaining serial ports #3 and 4.

Think of the 4 serial ports as being separate, whereas the 4 USB ports are a group.  It might also help to think of the AnywhereUSB TS44 as two products in the same box, where one of the products is a 4-port USB-over-IP hub, and the other is similar (but not identical) to a Digi ConnectPort TS 4.

10-pin RJ45 serial port pinout for the AnywhereUSB TS44
Last updated: Jun 11, 2019

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