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Edgeport RS-232 DB9 and DB25 pinout information

Edgeport RS-232 DB9 pinout:

DB-9M 	     Function 		  Abbreviation
------	-------------------	----------------
Pin #1 	Data Carrier Detect 	      CD 
Pin #2 	Receive Data 		RD or RX or RXD 
Pin #3 	Transmitted Data 	TD or TX or TXD 
Pin #4 	Data Terminal Ready 	      DTR 
Pin #5 	Signal Ground 		      GND 
Pin #6 	Data Set Ready 		      DSR 
Pin #7 	Request To Send 	      RTS 
Pin #8 	Clear To Send 		      CTS 
Pin #9 	Ring Indicator 		      RI 

RS-232 DB25 pinout:

Common Ground		(G)	Pin 7
Protective Ground	(PG)	Pin 1
Transmitted Data	(TxD)	Pin 2
Received Data		(RxD)	Pin 3
Data Terminal Ready	(DTR)	Pin 20
Data Set Ready		(DSR)	Pin 6
Request To Send		(RTS)	Pin 4
Clear To Send		(CTS)	Pin 5
Carrier Detect		(DCD)	Pin 8
Ring Indicator		(RI)	Pin 22
Last updated: Jun 11, 2019

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