Embedded - NDS - RomPager - Evaluation of Security Vulnerability – VU#561444 Expanded info on CVE-2014-9222, CVE-2014-9223

Many Digi products contain and use the RomPager by Allegrosoft web server technology. It has come to our attention that this embedded web server, which is used for management of our devices contains what we have defined as a critical vulnerability. We urge any customer who may have one of these products where the administrative webserver is available on non-secure networks to either upgrade the firmware to a patched version or to disable the web server for management of these devices.

Affected Products
Connect ME 9210, ConnectCore 9P 3G, Connect EM, Connect Wi-EM, Connect ME 2 MB, Connect Wi-ME

Embedded - NDS Firmware Downloads

Product FamilyPart NumberDescriptionNew FirmwareLink to upgrade
Connect ME 9210DC-ME-Y402-SConnect ME 9210 4/8 -S2.17.6.4Download
 DC-ME-Y402-S-BConnect ME 9210 4/8 -S (50)
ConnectCore 9P 3GCC-3G-IDIGICC 9P 9215 3G iDigi JSK2.17.0.21Download
 CC-3G-IDIGI-EACC 9P 9215 3G iDigi JSK2.17.0.21Download
 CC-3G-V527-UPCC 3G-9P 9215 UP 8NR/32MB, dual SIM2.17.0.21Download
 CC-3G-V527-UP-1CC 3G-9P 9215 UP 8NR/32MB, dual SIM2.17.0.21Download
 CC-9P-V526-UJ-EAConnectCore 3G-9P 9215 8NR/32MB,dual SIM2.17.0.21Download
 CC-9P-V527UJ-SConnectCore 3G-9P 9215 8NR/32MB,dual SIM2.17.0.21Download
 CC-9P-V527UJ-S-BConnectCore 3G-9P 9215 8NR/32MB,dual SIM (25)
Connect EMDC-EM-02TDigi Connect EM2.8.2.6Download
 DC-EM-02T-KTDigi Connect EM Integration Kt2.8.2.6Download
 DC-EM-02T-NSDigi Connect EM NS2.8.2.6Download
 DC-EM-02T-NS-25Digi Connect EM NS SF/W (25)
 DC-EM-02T-SDigi Connect EM2.8.2.6Download
 DC-EM-02T-S-25Digi Connect EM (25)
 DC-EM-KTConnect EM Integration Kit2.8.2.6Download
Connect ME 2 MBDC-ME-01T-CLIConnect ME CLI (50)
 DC-ME-01T-CLI-1Connect ME CLI RMA2.8.2.8Download
Connect Wi-EMDC-WEM-02T-CPTConnect Wi-EM Cooper (25)
 DC-WEM-02T-CPT-1Connect Wi-EM Cooper RMA2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WEM-02T-NSConnect Wi-EM NS2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WEM-02T-NS-25Connect Wi-EM NS (25)
 DC-WEM-02T-SConnect Wi-EM2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WEM-02T-S-25Connect Wi-EM (25)
 DC-WEM-02T-SYNConnect Wi-EM Synel (25)
 DC-WEM-02T-SYN-1Connect Wi-EM Synel2.17.6.4Download
Connect Wi-MEDC-WME-01T-CLIConnect Wi-ME CLI (50)
 DC-WME-01T-CLI-1Connect Wi-ME CLI RMA2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WME-01T-DBConnect Wi-ME Dev Board2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WME-01T-ECAConnect Wi-ME ECA (50)
 DC-WME-01T-ECA-1Connect Wi-ME ECA RMA2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WME-01T-KTConnect Wi-ME Integration Kit2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WME-01T-MIEConnect Wi-ME Miele (50)
 DC-WME-01T-MIE-1Connect Wi-ME Miele RMA2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WME-01T-SConnect Wi-ME2.17.6.4Download
 DC-WME-01T-S-10Connect Wi-ME (10)
 DC-WME-01T-S-50Connect Wi-ME (50)
Last updated: Jun 24, 2019

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