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EPC/CON or C/CON concentrator hangs at "P2" and doesn't finish booting to AC


EPC/CON or C/CON concentrator hangs at "P2" and does not finish booting to AC.


  • Timing is set incorrectly on either the host adapter, the concentrator (or the modem (CSU/DSU) if a remote concentrator).
  • The cable or the phone line is faulty.
  • The last concentrator on the chain is not terminated.
  • The host adapter is malfunctioning.


  • Make sure the timing settings match on the host adapter, the concentrator, and the modem (CSU/DSU).
  • Verify that the cables and/or the phone lines are good.
  • Terminate the last concentrator on the chain.
  • Run the appropriate diagnostics to verify the host adapter is functioning properly.
Last updated: Jan 09, 2024

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