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EtherLite Driver and Firmware Compatibility


I'm installing a new EtherLite, why doesn't it work with the existing drivers?


There are 2 versions of EtherLite firmware:
1. RealPort (version 1.x)
2. FAS (Standard - version 7.x)


As of October 31, 2001, Digi began shipping EtherLite units with firmware for use with our RealPort® driver.

The problem occurs when EtherLite units shipped with the RealPort (version 1.x) firmware are installed at locations using the legacy EtherLite driver and firmware (version 7.x).  The firmware and driver versions are not interchangable.

Either type of firmware can be used in an EtherLite, but the firmware and driver must match.  If you are running the RealPort driver, you must be running the RealPort firmware.  If you were running an old driver and firmware and recently received a new EtherLite, it will usually have the RealPort firmware so will not be compatible with older drivers.

NOTE: The firmware can be downloaded from:

We highly encourage all EtherLite owners to migrate to the RealPort driver/firmware whenever possible, since the FAS (Standard) driver/firmware is now obsolete and no future development is planned.

Last updated: Jun 05, 2019

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