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UnixWare 7.x Printer Hardware Flow Control Configuration


Hardware Flow Control is indicated whenever a printer is having buffer overruns, is losing sections of a file, or is having other problems which can''''t seem to be resolved. Most printers are simply more reliable under hardware flow control.


1) The Printer

Should be set for hardware flow control, on most printers this is DTR flow control (Okidata printers should be set for SSD+ and cabled appropriately.)

2) The Cable

Use the Standard Printer Cable as diagrammed in the Digi Standard Cable section.

3) Adding the Printer

  • run: scoadmin
    • Choose: Printer Setup Manager --> Printer --> Add Local
    • Type in a name for the printer
    • Choose the model (use other if not sure)
    • Select: serial
    • Serial settings (the defaults are fine for most printers)
    • Connection port -- choose other
    • type in the name of the appropriate port, i.e.: /dev/term/a01s
    • Advanced options -- if appropriate

      4) Configure for Hardware Flow Control

      Create a file called /etc/rc2.d/S99digi and add the following commands
      cat < /dev/term/a01s > /dev/null & ditty ctspace -ixon -ixoff -ixany /dev/term/a01s ditty altpin /dev/term/a01s [if using 8 wire cable]


    5) Setting up a Print Spool

    • To set up a Spool, issue the following commands:
  • /usr/lib/lpadmin -p spoolname -v/dev/term/a01s -m standard
    Use standard or a different printer type if appropriate.
  • enable spoolname
    /usr/lib/accept spoolname
Device Dialin Dialout/Printer/Terminal
xem, c/x, epc/x
and portserver
term/a01m term/a01s
xe and xi term/i1A term/i1a
xr term/r1A term/r1a
Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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