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How can I find out the firmware version for an Acceleport RAS or Xp card in the Linux dgdm driver?

The firmware files for the Linux dgdm driver can be found in the /etc/dgdm directory. Here are the related filenames:

hlcf.bin = Acceleport RAS firmware file
tiggerf.bin = Acceleport Xp firmware file

To find out what version you currently have installed, use the following command:

# strings /etc/dgdm/firmware_filename | grep BuildTag

Your output will be something similar to this:
@(#) BuildTag: release_80006858_C

The example output above was from an Acceleport Xp card. In this case, the revision is C. An Acceleport RAS card would return release_80006691_M2, telling you that the firmware version is M2.

The 80xxxxx part of the BuildTag output is the actual part number of the firmware, whereas the last letter(s) is the version of that part number, in this case the C for the Xp firmware or the M2 of the RAS firmware.

Last updated: Jun 03, 2019

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