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How can I get my Android device to launch my application in place of the Android explorer?

Problem: A customer developing an Android application on one of our devices, asked for a method for causing the customer's application to run when the device was brought up. 

Analysis: By default, an Android device runs an Android launcher when the Android device is powered on. The customer was looking for a method of getting his own application to run instead of the launcher. There may be multiple methods for doing so. We found what we consider a simple method for doing so, as follows:

Just fill the main Activity of your application (in AndroidManifest.xml) with:

This would be placed within the <intent-filter></intent-filter> pair associated with your activity.

And after first start, reboot your device and than make your application's main Activity the default Home Screen (check the CheckBox at the bottom of choose dialog).

For more information about this subject, you should look at the following web site:

"Android: don't boot Launcher - run my application instead on startup". 
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Last updated: Jun 06, 2019

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