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How do I backup the configuration of the AnywhereUSB device

The configuration of the AnywhereUSB device can be saved to a file.    The backup configuration can be done through the web interface.    Note:   The legacy/1st generation AnywhereUSB/5 does not have a Web UI and the configuration cannot be backed up.

Passwords and keys may optionally be included in the backup file. They will be encrypted and cannot be seen by examining the contents of the file. When the file is used to restore the configuration, the original passwords and keys will also be restored.
Warning:   Although the passwords and keys are encrypted, the possibility exists that they can be determined by a malicious person. If the backup file includes passwords and keys, keep it confidential and do not distribute it.
Digi recommends to update to the latest AnywhereUSB firmware before doing backup of the configuration:

To back up the configuration of the AnywhereUSB device:

1.    Open the web interface of the AnywhereUSB device

2.    Under Administration section, click the Backup\Restore

3.    Click Include encrypted password and keys in the backup file option if you would like that done

4.    Click the Backup button

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5.   Select the location you would like to back up the configuration file

6.   The backup of the configuration file has been completed.

For further assistance, please reference the AnywhereUSB installation guide:

Last updated: Jun 04, 2019

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