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How do I change a FIPS unit back to standard mode?

1. Connect the console port on the rear panel of the Digi unit to a serial port on a workstation. Use an Ethernet cable with a DB-9 adapter.
2. Set up a terminal emulation program such as HyperTerminal. Use the following port parameters: bps=9600, data bits=8, parity=none, stop bits=1, flow control=none
3. Reboot or power on the Digi unit.
4. Press the ESC key within three seconds of applying power to the device.
5. This will take you to the BIOS menu and select option #4:

Welcome to Bios Configuration page
Select menu
1. RTC configuration [ Jan 19 16 - 19:30:45 ]
2. Hardware test
3. Firmware upgrade [S/W Version : v1.4.0rc4]
4. Change mode[Regular]
5. Exit and boot from flash
6. Exit and reboot
  <ESC> Back, <ENTER> Refresh

6.  Now select option #6 to exit the menu and boot normally.
7.  Once booted you can now update firmware to the standard current release.

Last updated: Jun 04, 2019

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