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How do I recovery my Digi Connect Port X5?


Things you will need:
-PC running some kind of TFTP server.
-new firmware image to be loaded onto the X5. You can get this from Digi's web site.
-DB-9 female to DB-9 female serial crossover cable (null modem cable).
-ethernet cable and/or switch to connect PC and X5.
-jumper wire (or some way of connecting pins on the X5 circut board).

---Make sure X5 is powered off.
---Remove screws on X5 plate. See picture below for details.

--- jumper pins 3 & 4 on the MFG 4 pin header. See picture above.
---connect a serial cable to the serial line of the X5 and have it listen at 9600 baud.
--- power up X5

--- you will see a ‘Diagnostic Tests’ menu. Choose option 't' (->TFTP related choices.).

--- you will now see the 'TFTP Related Options' Menu. Choose option '2' (Enter TFTP settings)

--- Enter the following:
TFTP filename: name of the firmware image file
IP address: of the X5, pick one
network mask: needs to be the same as your PCs
network gateway: IP address of PC
TFTP server: IP address of PC


--- Make sure you're TFTP server is running and that the firmware image file downloaded from the digi site is located in it's (TFTP server) directory.
--- From the 'TFTP Related Options', Press '3' (Get file from TFTP server).

--- Assuming the file successfully downloaded to the X5, press 'Esc'. That will bring you back to the 'Diagnostic Tests' menu.
--- Press option '4' (Put TFTP'd OS file into flash.). Wait for it to complete.

--- Remove jumper and power cycle the unit. It should now have the new firmware image programmed into it.


Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

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