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How do I setup RADIUS to work with the PortServer II?

First thing, obtain a Radius server for your OS of choice, there are Radius servers available for most flavors of Unix, Windows NT, and Novell. Ports of Radius have been made to other operating systems as well. Once you have your server, configure the PS II as follows:

Configure the port(s):
#> set port range=* dev=mio set line range=* baud=115200 
#> set flow range=* ixon=off ixoff=off rts=on cts=on 

Turn on Radius authentication:
#> set radius primary= secret=xxyyzz 

Configure IP Pool and turn on routing:
#> set ippool ip= count=16 
#> set forward state=passive proxyarp=on

Examples for radius users setups are included in the Radius server documentation.

  • How do I setup a remote PPP session from a Windows 95, Unix or Macintosh Client on the PortServer II without Radius?


    PortServer II setup:

    • On enter the following commands:
      Configure the port(s):
      #> set port range=8 dev=mio 
      #> set flow range=8 ixon=off ixoff=off rts=on cts=on 
      Enable routing and configure IP pool:
      #> set forward state=passive proxyarp=on 
      #> set ippool ip= count=16 
      Configure user(s):
      #> set user name=fuzz NetService=on DefaultAccess=NetService PPPAuth=none protocol=PPP 
      #> set user name=fuzz IpAddr= NetRouting=off IPMask=
    Note: The default password is the username, use newpass to change password

    This configuration is good for up to 63 total users. If you need more see Radius setup.

Last updated: Jun 05, 2019

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