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HOW TO: Add a Digi Network Device Using Smit in AIX


Use this procedure to add a Digi device to an AIX system using smit.


  1. Log onto the console as super-user (root).
  2. Enter the following command: 

smit devices

  1. Choose Digi Ethernet-based Serial Products > Add Digi Ethernet-based Serial Products.
  2. Choose the appropriate Digi device type to be added.
  3. Enter the Digi device IP address in the IP Address field.

    An sa device will be created for the Digi device.

  4. You need to initialize the new devices. From the Devices menu, select Install > Configure Devices Added After IPL.
  5. You can verify that the sa device is available by typing this command at a root prompt:

    lsdev -Cc nts

    Note: The first character of the above command is the letter, l (ell), and not the numeral, 1 (one).

    Following is an example of the output of this command:

    sa7 Available Digi PortServer 1

    An error message may display if the Digi device has not been successfully added.

Last updated: Jun 21, 2019

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