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HOW TO: Add CUPS Serial Printers in Linux


Here are the steps taken for configuring a printer using the CUPS web interface.  Prior to configuring the printer in CUPS, you may need to change the ownership for the tty device.  From the root prompt:

#  chown lp:lp /dev/ttyxyz

Where xyz represents the actual tty device.

Go to the CUPS web interface by pointing your web browser on the Linux host to http://localhost:631

Select Add Printer

Fill in the name, location and description. 


Next, select the AppSocket/HP jetDirect option:


Enter serial:/dev/ttyxyz to point to the proper Digi serial port:


Where xyz represents the actual tty device. The above example shows ttyj01 which is port 2 on a 16 port unit.

Fill in the baud rate, stop bit, parity and flow control settings which match those for the attached printer:


Select the proper printer model from the drop down list:


The printer will now be configured and ready to use.

To send a print job from the root promt:

#  lp -d (printer_name) /dev/inittab

To check the status of the printer(s):

lpstat -t
Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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