HOW TO: Example for Configuring a Device Cloud Task to Set a Gateway XBee PAN ID

To configure a task that will change the PAN ID on a gateway XBee radio, you will want to go to the Schedules option in your Device Cloud account under Device Manger.  Click on New Schedule, then close the pop-up box.  On the menu items to the left, select RCI Command and give the task a description at the top.  Paste in the command you wish to run in the RCI Command section.  For example, to change the PAN ID to 0x0000000000000234:

<!-- Edit RCI below -->
<rci_request version="1.1">
      <do_command target="zigbee">

Uncheck the Allow Offline box then click Save As and give the task a name.  

Clicking Schedule>> will allow you to run the task now.  Otherwise, you can highlight the device(s) in the Device Manager > Devices section and select More > Tasks > (name_of_task).
Last updated: Mar 25, 2019

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