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HOW TO: Configure a Printer Using RealPort in AIX


The Digi device and RealPort should be properly installed, configured and functioning before proceeding. This procedure assumes that a tty has been created for the printer. See Creating and Configuringttys.


  1. Connect a proper cable between the port and printer. See the appropriate Cable Guide in the online table of contents.
  2. At the server, enter this command at a root prompt:

    smit printer

  3. Choose Printer/Plotter Device > Add a Printer/Plotter > osp Other serial printer > rs232.
  4. Choose an sa device.
  5. Enter a port number in the PORT number field.
  6. Set BAUD rate, PARITY, BITS per character, and number of STOP BITS to match the settings of the printer.
  7. Set FLOW CONTROL to be used to match the flow control used by the printer.
  8. If the Data Carrier Detect signal is not wired between the port and the peripheral device attached to it, set Force Carrier to enable.
  9. Choose Enter to complete the TTY addition.
Last updated: Jan 10, 2024

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