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HOW TO: Create and Configure TTY Devices in AIX


Use this procedure to create and configure TTY devices in AIX. The procedure for creating and configuring TTY devices for Digi serial ports is similar to the procedure used to create standard AIX TTY devices. For complete information, refer to your AIX documentation.

Note: The Digi device must be added (see Adding a Digi Device Using smit) either in the "Defined" or "Available" state before attempting to configure TTYs attached to that device.


Repeat this procedure for each TTY device.

  1. Log onto the system as super-user (root).
  2. Enter this command: smit mktty

    The Add a TTY menu appears.

  3. Choose Add a TTY.

    A list of TTY types appears.

  4. From the list, choose tty rs232 Asynchronous Terminal.

    A list of sa devices appears.

  5. Choose the item that identifies the Digi device (it will be similar to: sa3 Available Digi PortServer II 16).

    A dialog panel appears with fields to configure the port.

  6. Configure the fields as necessary. The only required entry is the PORT number field.
  7. If the Data Carrier Detect signal is not wired between the port and the peripheral device attached to it, set Force Carrier to enable.
  8. Choose Enter to complete the TTY addition.
    The name of the TTY that was created is displayed when smit command processing has completed.
Last updated: Jun 17, 2019

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