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HOW TO: Detect whether your Etherlite has the FAS or Realport driver firmware loaded using rlogin or verlog.exe


The Etherlite product has two firmware/driver types available for it:  the legacy FAS firmware/driver, or the supported Realport driver/firmware.  The following article will describe a method of connecting to the Etherlite using rlogin (or verlog.exe), in order to determine which type of driver connection the Etherlite is actually "listening" for.

Windows users:  If unable to find an rlogin client, verlog.exe is available as-is for use instead of rlogin.

Troubleshooting method:

You can verify what connections your Etherlite is listening for if you have an rlogin client on a machine on the same network [telnet is NOT supported on this product].

  1. rlogin to the IP address of your Etherlite
  2. At Etherlite ? prompt, display the current Etherlite connections using the sockets command:

? sockets

The sockets table will be shown, which will be similar to the following example:

               remote local
remote ip       port  port    state       sRTT   sMDEV
--------------- ----- ----- ------------ ------- -------     01023 00513 ESTABLISHED  00016ms 00816ms         00000 10001 LISTEN       00000ms 02880ms   01025   771 ESTABLISHED  00128ms 02880ms

In the output above, remote ip is the host which owns an inbound connection with the Etherlite, while local port tells you what type of connection it is.

Only three local port options are valid for the Etherlite:  513, 771 and 10001

513 - The rlogin connection responsible for the output shown above.  Only connection is allowed to TCP port 513 at a time, on ALL EtherLite products.

771 - The TCP port which the Realport driver uses to connect to a Serial Server.  The ESTABLISHED state visible in the output above indicates that a Realport driver on a server at IP address has been configured to use this Etherlite, and the driver is currently connected to the Etherlite.

10001 - The TCP port which the legacy FAS driver used to connect to an Etherlite or SCSI Terminal Server. The 10001 port entry above has the state of LISTEN, which indicates it is waiting for a FAS driver connection, rather than Realport.


In order for the driver/firmware mismatch shown above to be resolved, the Realport firmware will need to be downloaded from the Tech Support website, then loaded on your Etherlite.

NOTE:  Etherlite firmware versions 1.x is the Realport driver firmware, while firmware versions 7.x is the obsolete firmware which was used with the legacy EtherLite/SCSI FAS driver.

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Last updated: Jan 09, 2024

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