How to disassemble a Watchport USB camera

Some customers have a need to remove or replace the IR filter in their Watchport cameras. The camera must be disassembled in order to do this. Below are instructions on how to do this. 
This applies to the Watchport/V, Watchport/V2, and Watchport/V3 cameras. 
Please note that Digi does not necessarily recommend for customers to do this themselves. You may want to first check with your sales rep to make sure you aren't voiding your warranty! It's also, of course, recommended to take preventative measures (i.e. using conductive wrist straps, anti-static mats, etc.) to avoid electrostatic discharge. 
1. Remove the swivel base from the camera with a large flathead screwdriver. 
2. Disassemble the plastic enclosure of the camera via the 4 screws that are underneath in the 4 corners. A T9 Torx tool will be required to remove the screws. If you don''t see all 4 screws it''s probably because one or more of them are being blocked by the white label, so you''ll most likely need to pry the corner(s) of that label to access a couple of those screws. 
3. Remove the metal internal shield from the plastic enclosure then disassemble it. It just snaps apart - there are a top and bottom. 
4. Detach the large circuit board from the small circuit board (that has the black plastic piece attached to it). Simply pull them apart. They should detach where those 20 gold pins are. Make sure to pull in a straight manner so the pins don't get bent. 
5. Unscrew the small circuit board from the black plastic piece via those 2 screws. 
6. Remove the rubber seal from the black plastic piece. 
7. Remove and/or swap out the IR filter if needed. 
8. Reverse the above steps to re-assemble the camera. 
A. Be sure to re-attach the small circuit board the same way to the black plastic piece. If you're looking at everything from the top, the rounded corners on the small circuit board should be on top. 
B. When re-attaching the black plastic piece + small circuit board to the large circuit board, be sure to match the 20 gold pins up with the 20 holes. It's easy to accidentally only make contact with 10 of the pins (i.e. too high or too low when re-attaching). 
Also, this part can be a little tricky because you need to make sure that the LED fits inside of the hole of the black plastic piece. 
C. Re-assembling the metal shield can be a little tricky. If you feel that you are having to "force" it, something isn't right. The two pieces should easily snap back.
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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