How to Enable A-GPS (Assisted GPS) Support in the Digi X-Trak 3.

Ø  Case 1: GPRS is Active (Online).

o   Digi X-Trak 3 will automatically download ‘current_14d.alp’ to ‘/WEB/python’ path from u-blox server. This operation takes 10-15 minutes after the first startup. After first reboot of the Digi X-Trak 3 after current_14d.alp is downloaded, the AGPS feature will be enabled.


Ø  Case 2: GPRS is inactive (Offline).

o   File “current_14d.alp” should be downloaded from the website-> into a local directory.

o   This file “current_14d.alp” should be uploaded into the device in the directory “/WEB/python” using Digi ESP for Python, Digi Dashboard or iDigi.

o   After uploading this file, device needs to be rebooted.

o   Once, the file is in “/WEB/python” directory at startup, the AGPS feature will be enabled.


Please note that if the file “current_14d.alp” is not present in the “/WEB/python” directory, a print “Almanac Plus File is not present. AGPS will not work.” on the debug port will be displayed and the unit will have normal GPS working.

Last updated: Jun 10, 2019

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