HOW TO: Enable the Mobile Firewall of an XBee Gateway (CP-X2e ZB) cellular


In the article "Security Bulletin: DNS Proxy Vulnerability on Internet Connected Routers/Gateways", the topic of DNS Proxy Attacks and other forms of mischief which can sometimes befall Internet-connected devices was discussed, with particular relevance to how to configure a mobile firewall to defend against this in our Digi Connect/ConnectPort WAN and TransPort products.

The XBee Gateway (CP-X2e ZB) cellular has a similar feature to defend against attacks via the mobile0 interface, but the feature wasn't available for this model at the time that the article above was written, so we wanted to highlight it through this article instead.

Mobile Firewall Configuration

The Mobile Firewall settings allow a network firewall to be configured for the XBee Gateway cellular device. The firewall may be enabled or disabled, and only the mobile network interface is affected by this selection.

Caution: Disabling the firewall may expose this device to attacks via the mobile network interface. Disable this option with consideration of that risk.

Methods of Configuration

The XBee Gateway cellular supports two methods of configuration through which to enable the Mobile Firewall:  through the Web User Interface (WebUI) or Remote Manager User Interface (RMUI).

Here are screenshots showing the configuration area where to enable the Mobile Firewall Configuration setting through both methods:

WebUI Method: Configuration --- Mobile Firewall:

RM UI Method: Device Management --- Devices --- Device UI --- Mobile Firewall:


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Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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