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How to factory default a Digi Connect WAN

Restore a Digi Connect WAN configuration to factory defaults
There are several ways to reset the device configuration of a Digi Connect WAN device to the factory default

  • Using the Administration > Factory Defaults page in the web interface
  • Using the Reset button
  • Using the boot command from the command line

The first two reset methods are a soft reset, while the reset button is a hard reset.
Using the Administration > Factory Defaults page on the web interface

The Restore Factory Defaults operation from the web interface clears all current settings, resets
password for the administrative/root user, and restores the settings to the factory defaults. If a Digi
device has custom factory default settings, the settings will revert to those custom defaults instead.
This method is the best way to reset the configuration, because the settings can also be backed up
using the Backup/Restore operation, which provides a means for restoring it after the configuration
issues have been resolved.
1    Make a backup copy of the configuration using the Backup/Restore operation.
2    From the Main menu, click Administration > Factory Default Settings. The Factory
Default Settings page is displayed.
3    Uncheck the Keep network settings checkbox to keep the current network settings such as the
IP address and host key settings. In addition, any files that were loaded into the device
through the File Management page such as custom-interface files and applet files are
4    Click Restore.


Using the boot CLI command

The boot action=factory command clears all current configuration settings, except the IP address
settings, host key settings, and password for the administrative/root user; restores the settings to the
factory defaults; then reboots the device. If a Digi device has custom factory default settings, the
settings will revert to those custom defaults instead.
#> boot action=factory
There are several other options for using the boot command to load configuration settings. See the
boot command description in the Digi Connect Family Command Reference.

Using the Reset button

If the Digi Connect WAN device cannot be accessed from the web interface, the configuration can be restored to factory defaults by using the Reset button.  This kind of reset clears all configuration settings.
1    Power off the Digi device.
2    Locate the Reset button on the Digi Connect WAN.
3    Hold the Reset button down gently with a non-conductive, small diameter tool (such as
wood or plastic) with a blunt end (NOT SHARP or the button could be damaged). Power on
the Digi Connect WAN device while holding the Reset button down.
4    After 30 seconds, release the Reset button. At this point, on some models, the Status LED
will blink a 1-5-1 pattern. Wait for the device to boot up. At this time, the configuration is
returned to factory defaults.
Note: Powering off the device before releasing the Reset button guarantees the
configuration will NOT be reverted. Powering off the device just after releasing the
Reset button will result in an unknown configuration, possibly having some or all
settings reverted to defaults

Please refer to the Connect Wan user guide on page 218 for further information:
The default IP address of the Connect Wan device is
The default username is root and the default password is dbps.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

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