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HOW TO: Install DPA Remote in Solaris


Download the latest driver from Digi's web site.

Rename the downloaded file to contain the capital letter .Z extension:

# mv /full_path>/40002191_e.pkg.z //40002191_e.pkg.Z
# uncompress //40002191_.pkg.Z
# pkgadd -d //40002191_.pkg

Run the command from an X session (such as xterm):

# dparemote

The package is installed on the target machine as "digidpar" and the package version can be displayed by issuing the following command:

# pkginfo -x digidpar

The Digi Port Authority - Remote package is removed by performing the following step:

# pkgrm digidpar (to remove digidpar if you have a previous version)

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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