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How to install the Edgeport driver in Windows


  • Do NOT have the Edgeport USB device plugged into the USB port when starting the driver installation.
  • You must have Administrator rights when installing the Edgeport driver.
  • At this time, the current Edgeport driver is v6.05.  See the respective release notes for information on supported Edgeport modems and Operating Systems.
  • Legacy Edgeport drivers for older unsupported Operating Systems may be found here.


 Installation procedure:


  1. Download the currrent v6.05 Edgeport driver from the link above.
  2. Once the Driver file has been downloaded, right-click 40002537_6.05_N.exe and select Run as Administrator.
  3. Click the Setup button.  A black window will appear for the driver installation.  Once the black box has disappeared, plug the Edgeport device into the USB port and the Edgeport driver will automatically install.  

 To verify the Edgeport installed properly:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Select Programs or All Apps for Windows 10
  3. Select Digi USB.
  4. Click Edgeport Configuration Utility.
  5. Confirm the Edgeport appears under the General tab.
  6. Double-click the Edgeport, to expand it, and confirm that all of the serial (COM) ports are listed.

Screenshot of the Edgeport Configuration Utility:
User-added image                

Note:   If further information is needed on the Edgeport device, please refer to the Edgeport Installation Guide.  

Last updated: Jun 06, 2019

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