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How to pre-configure automatic Edgeport COM port assignments

Background:  When an Edgeport is installed using the standard installation process, described here:, the COM port number(s) that's assigned to the serial port(s) is, for all intents and purposes, random.  Using an Edgeport/1 model for example, which has a single serial port, the COM port assignment may be COM 3.  Using an Edgeport/4 model for example, which has 4 serial ports, the COM port assignments may be COM 4 through COM 7.  In this scenario, if the COM port assignments need to be changed, this must be done manually, post-installation.

If the user wishes to instead pre-configure a computer to enforce certain COM port numbers to always be assigned (or a certain COM port number, in the case of the Edgeport/1), this is possible using an optional file called "ionport.ini".

Instructions for creating a custom ionport.ini file are included with the Edgeport driver package for Windows, specifically in a file called "ionport.pdf" that's located within the Advanced subfolder (for example, c:\edgeport drivers\Advanced).


  • The purpose of the "Save Config" button in the Edgeport Configuration Utility is to export the current settings to a new ionport.ini file, saving the user the time and effort to manually create the file manually.
  • Edgeport driver version 5.70 (which is the current release as of the time of this writing) has a bug with the "Save Config" button, specific to the "Disable Plug&Play" setting.  If the "Disable Plug&Play" Port Flag is checked (which is default), then DisableEnum = 1 gets written to the ionport.ini file, when it should actually be DisablePnp = 1.  Because this ionport.ini feature fails when any syntax is wrong (by design), this bug causes the ionport.ini feature to not work at all.  The workaround to this bug is very easy - edit ionport.ini, change DisableEnum = 1 to DisablePnP = 1 and then save the file (also be sure it's located in the proper Windows system32 folder).  This bug is scheduled to be fixed in the next Edgeport driver release.


Last updated: Jan 03, 2024

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