How to Receive E-Mail Notification of Digi Remote Manager Alarm Activity


This article describes how to configure Digi Remote Manager to provide E-Mail notification of Alarm activity from your devices on Digi Remote Manager.

Note: This article assumes that you already have User login access to a Digi Remote Manager Standard or Premier account, and that you've added at least one device under your Digi RM Devices inventory, and that an alarm has been added for the device.

***A Device Offline alarm is used in the example below - Digi RM Classic Alarm UI information found here***

For information on how to configure or enable your Digi device to connect to Digi Remote Manager, please reference the User Guide for your particular model.

Create an Alarm

1. Log into your Digi Remote Manager account
2. Locate the drop-down selector beneath your Digi Remote Manager Username, then select the "Open Classic Remote Manager" option

3.  Access the Classic UI tab, then go to the Admin --> Account Settings --> Notifications UI area
4.  From Notifications, click the Add button, then give the Notification a Name, add a Description (if preferred), and enter a valid Email address where email notifications for your Alarm should be sent.

5.  Select when the Alarm Notification should be sent (in the example above, Send notification for each alarm event is selected, and the Daily Summary Report option is not selected.

6.  In the Send notification for the following alarms field, start typing the first few letters of the alarm to be notified about (in this case a Device Offline alarm), then hit the tab key to pop up the available Alarms to select from.

7.  Save the configured Alarm email notification

8.  Lastly, use the Enable/Disable dropdown to Enable the Alarm Notification

Testing the Alarm Notification

To test that your Alarm Notification is working, simply perform an action which would trigger your alarm (in the Device Offline example, power off or disconnect one of your devices which are monitored by this alarm).   If a notification email is received for the triggered alarm at the configured email address, your Alarm Notification is successful.
Last updated: Aug 23, 2018

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