How to receive an E-Mail notification when a device goes offline on Device Cloud or Remote Manager


This article describes how to configure Digi Device Cloud or Digi Remote Manager to send an E-Mail notification when a device goes offline.

Note: This article assumes that you have already created a Digi Device Cloud account or a Digi Remote Manager account, that your device is configured to connect to the cloud and added to your account.

Guidelines for NDS devices (Digi Connect WAN 3G, ConnectPort X etc..) can be found here : Configure a Digi Connect WAN or ConnectPort Gateway for Device Cloud connection

Guidelines for Digi TransPort can be found here : Configuring a Digi TransPort for Remote Manager connectivity

Guidelines for addin a Digi device to the Digi Device Cloud or Remote Manager platform can be found here : Adding a Digi Device to the Digi Device Cloud or Remote Manager Platform and here Add a Digi TransPort to your Remote Manager account

Create an Alarm

1. Log into your Digi Device Cloud or Digi Remote Manager account.
2. Click on the Device Management tab.
3. Click on the Alarms tab.
4. Click on the Add button

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The Add Alarm window will open.

1. Select Device Offline in the Alarm Type drop down menu.
2. Chose a name for the Alarm. (default is Device Offline)
3. Chose a description for the Alarm. (default is Detects when a device disconnects from Device Cloud and fails to reconnect within the specified time)
4. Chose for how long the cloud should wait before firing an alarm (defaul is 5 minutes. This is recomended in case of cellular devices that can sometimes lose network connectivity due to bad reception and allow it to reconnect)
5. Resets when device reconnects will allow the alarm status to be reset as soon as the device reconnects to the cloud.
6. Chose the Scope of the alarm. It can be per group or per device. Per Group allows to select the root directory (in this case the alarm will be applied to all devices on this account) or a single group.
7. Click Create to create the Alarm.

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Create an E-Mail Notification

1. Navigate to Admin Account Settings > Notifications
2. Click on the Add button.

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1. Chose a name for the Notification
2. Chose a Description for the notification. This will be shown in the "Subject" field of the E-Mail
3. Chose an E-Mail address to send the notification to.
4. Select if you wish to receive a daily summary of your alarms and at which time.
5. Check this box to receive an E-Mail notification each time an alarm triggers (Each time a device goes offline this will trigger an alarm which in result will trigger an E-Mail)

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6. Select "Send notification for the following alarms" and in the box, type the name of previously created alarm, by default "Device Offline" and press enter.
7. In the list, chose the previously created alarm and click on the "+" icon 

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8. Click 

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To test that the Alarms and notification are working, simply disconnect/turn off one of your devices which are monitored by this alarm. After the selected delay triggers, the alarm should fire and you should receive an E-Mail similar to this one :

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Last updated: Aug 23, 2018

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