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How to record video with a Watchport/V2 or Watchport/V3 USB camera

You must have the DirectShow driver installed:
1. Open "Watchport Viewer" via the shortcut on the Windows start menu, in the "Watchport Imaging" folder (it may be called "Watchport V2").
2. Click "File / Set Capture File", input a file name, then click the Save button.
3. Input the (optional) file size. Leave this value 0 if you would like to manually stop the video; otherwise, it will automatically stop once the file size reaches the set value (i.e. 5 MBytes). Click OK to proceed.
4. To start recording, click "Capture / Start Capture" then click OK on the confirmation window. If you left the file size at 0 (unlimited), click "Capture / Stop Capture" when you want to stop recording.

Last updated: Jan 12, 2024

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