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HOW TO: Troubleshooting and Monitoring using the Linux RealPort dpa.dgrp Utility

The dpa.dgrp utility will provide status, monitoring and troubleshooting abilities for the RealPort daemon and serial ports via the Linux RealPort host.

  • Does not require Xwindows
  • Requires root permission
  • Ability to confirm successful daemon connectivity
  • Check port signals and basic serial/device information
  • Near real-time serial activity
  • Ability to run serial loopback testing
  • Ability to monitor serial data (transmit and receive)

To run the utility, simply issue the dpa.dgrp command from the root prompt of the Linux host.  Simply press enter at the copyright screen to see the main screen showing the Digi devices, number of ports, the tty ID and daemon status information:

User-added image

Pressing the Enter key while highlighting the desired device entry will take you the screen showing the device firmware and serial port information.  Pressing the right and left arrow keys will cycle through the serial ports.  When displaying a serial port, you will be able to see the active RS232 signals, baud rate, the total data bytes transmitted/received, along with the ability to run a loopback test (with the provided loopback plug inserted in the applicable port) and monitor serial data:

User-added image

To monitor serial data, simply press the letter D while displaying the applicable port number.  You will see the data represented in HEX format on the left and ASCII on the right.  Pressing R or T will display only Received or Transmitted data respectively:

User-added image

Last updated: Jun 21, 2019

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