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Identifying Older Digi Products By Serial Number

Older Digi Products (pre V-series serial numbers)
can be identified by the Prefix to the Serial number.

The prefix consists of the Initial Letter (if any) and the first two digits. (Use your browser search feature to search for your board).

Please note that this list includes products that are no longer supported.

Prefix  Product
10      384m
11      PC/8
12      PC/4
20      COM/Xi Motherboard
21      COM/4i RS232
22      COM/8i RS232
23      COM/4i RS422
24      COM/8i RS422
25      MC/16
26      MC/8
27      MC/Xi
28      MC/8i
29      MC/4
30      PC/8m
31      MC/8i RS422
32      MC/4i RS422
33      MC/4i
34      PC/16
35      PC/8e 64K
36      PC/4e 64K
37      16i  I/O Mate
38      PC/16i Motherboard
39      PC/16i Daughterboard
40      PC/Xi
41      PC/8i
42      PC/4i
43      AT&T (IPC1600)
45      MultiModem
46      MultiModem 8 Port
47      C/X EISA Host
48      MC/4 RJ45
49      PC/16e 64K
50      MC/16i DB25
51      Apple NU/8i
52      Apple NU/4i
53      C/CON-16 RJ45 Concentrator
54      C/X ISA Host
55      C/X MC Host
56      C/CON-16e RJ45 Concentrator
57      Xem EISA Host
58      ISDN NETLINK Product
59      ITA-100
60      MC ISDN
61      Modem 8
62      PC/16e I/O BOX
63      MV 4 Host
64      Modem 4
65      AT&T 128 EISA
66      AT&T Starcon
67      NC/CON-16
68      NC/CON Cartridge
69      C/CON-16 DB25 Concentrator
70      NEC C/CON-16 Concentrator
71      NEC EISA Host
72      FAX CARD-Multichannel
73      NCR C/CON-16
74      FAX CARD-Single Channel
75      MC2/Xi
76      MC2/4i
77      MC2/8i
78      MC2/16i
79      FOSSIL
80      16em RJ45 Ports Module
81      Xem ISA Host
82      IMAC
83      C/CON-16 RJ45 Concentrator
84      PC/16m RJ45 Connector Box
85      IBM C/X MC Host
86      IBM C/CON-16 Concentrator
87      Xem MC Host
88      16em DB25 Ports Module
89      PC/16m DB25 Connector Box
90      C/X2 RS6000 Host
91      C/CON-16 DB25 Concentrator
92      IDP Module
93      Dual IMAC
94      EPC/CON-16  RJ45 Concentrator
95      C/X EISA Host
96      C/X MC Host
97      C/X ISA Host
98      EPC/X EISA Host
99      C/CON-16 RS6000 RJ45 Concentrator

A11     EPC/X ISA Host
A13     PC/2e 8K/64K (VE)
A15     MC/2e 8K/64K (VE)
A16     PC/8t
A17     C/CON-16 RS6000 DB25 Concentrator
A18     PC/4LC
A19     PC/8LC
A20     PC IMAC/4-X
A21     IDP ISA
A22     8em DB25 Ports Module
A23     8emp DB25 Ports Module
A24     8em RJ45 Ports Module
A25     8emp RJ45 Ports Module
A26     EPC/X SBUS Host
A27     PC/8e 8K/64K (VE)
A28     PC IMAC ISA U Interface
A29     PC/4e 8K/64K (VE)
A30     PC/Xi License
A31     IMAC MC
A32     PortServer 16
A33     EPC/X ISA 1MB X.25 Host
A34     PC IMAC ISA International
A35     PortServer 8
A36     CLUSTAR DB25 Connector Box
A37     CLUSTAR RJ45 Connector Box
A38     C/CON-16 RJ45 Concentrator
A39     C/CON-16 DB25 Concentrator
A40     C/CON-16 RS6000 DB25 Concentrator
A41     EPC/X MC Host
A42     IDP ISA International
A43     Fastport Print Server 3100CX
A44     Acceleport 4e MC 8K
A45     Acceleport 8e MC 8K
A46     EPC/CON-16 RJ45 1MB Concentrator
A47     EPC/CON-16 DB25 2MB Concentrator
A48     Dual IMAC International
A49     Single IMAC International
A50     EPC/CON-16 DB25 1MB Concentrator
A51     EPC/CON-16 RJ45 2MB Concentrator
A52     SyncPort X.25 MC V.35 Host
A53     CTS DIM
A54     C/CON-16 RS6000 RJ45 Rack Concentrator      
A55     LANAServer 2e
A56     C/CON-16 RS6000 RJ45 Concentrator
A57     IBM RAN 2  .
A58     MC/4e 8K (GG)
A59     MC/8e 8K (GG)
A60     C/CON-16 RJ45 Rack Concentrator
A61     Retoura ST2
A62     Retoura SA2
A63     Retoura SA0
A64     Retoura ST1
A65     PC/2e 8K (GG)
A66     PortServer II /16 RJ45
A67     PC/8e 8K (GG)
A68     PC/4e 8K (GG)
A69     PC/4t Surge Protection
A70     PC/8t
A71     PC/4t
A72     EPC/X EISA Host
A73     PC/4r (Acceleport 4r ISA)
A74     PC/8r (Acceleport 8r ISA)
A75     DataFire U ISA
A76     Acceleport C1
A77     Acceleport C2
A78     PC/8e 8K (GG) Surge Protection
A79     PC/4e 8K (GG) Surge Protection
A80     PC/8e 8K (GG) RS422
A81     PC/4e 8K (GG) RS422
A82     PC/8e 8K (GG) RS422 Surge Protection
A83     PC/4e 8K (GG) RS422 Surge Protection
A84     LANAServer 4e
A85     LANAServer 8e
A86     LANAServer 6e PCMCIA
A87     LANAServer 10e PCMCIA
A88     DataFire S/T ISA
A89     SyncPort ISA X.25 2MB
A90     PC/8e 8K (VE) Surge Protection
A91     PC/4e 8K (VE) Surge Protection
A92     MC2/8i RS422: Bull Bulk
A93     MC2/8i RS232: Bull Bulk
A94     PC/8e 8K (VE) RS422
A95     DataFire 4S ISA
A96     PC/8e 64K/64K Rev E:  I-tron
A97     PC/4e 64K/64K Rev K:  I-tron
A98      PC/8e 64K/64K Rev K: I-tron
A99     MC2/8i: Bull Bulk

D01     Multiport MCA 16C450
D02     SmartPort 8 Port ISA
D03     SmartPort 4 Port ISA
D04     TwinPort w/o Clock
D05     SmartPort Plus ISA 64K
D06     Multiport LITE 8 Warranty
D07     Multiport 8 Port ISA 16C450
D08     Multiport 4 Port ISA 16C450
D09     Multiport 8 Port ISA 16C550
D10     Multiport 4 Port ISA 16C550
D11     S/570 ISA  Gen. N. S.
D12     S/570 MCA Gen. N. S.
D13     S/570i 2P ISA 128K V.35
D14     S/570i 2P ISA 128K X.21
D15     S/570i 4P ISA 256K RS232
D16     S/570i 4P ISA 256K V.35
D17     Acceleport C1 Plug & Play
D18     Acceleport C2 Plug & Play
D19     Avanstar ISA System
D20     Avanstar MC System
D21     Avanstar EISA System
D22     IBM RAN Rack
D23     SyncPort X.25 ISA V.35
D24     SyncPort X.25 ISA V.34
D25     DataFire S/T S1 ISA
D26     DataFire 1U S1 ISA
D27     Novell 2 Port Runtime Software
D28     Novell 4 Port Runtime Software
D29     SyncPort X.25 ISA V.36
D30     16em RJ45 Ports Module: National Line Driver 
D31     16em DB25 Ports Module: National Line Driver 
D32     8em RJ45 Ports Module: National Line Driver 
D33     8emp RJ45 Ports Module: National Line Driver
D34     8em DB25 Ports Module: National Line Driver 
D35     8emp DB25 Ports Module: National Line Driver
D36     RightSwitch SE-4
D37     Novell 8 Port Runtime Software
D38     Novell 32 Port Runtime Software
D39     Retoura U1
D40     Retoura U2
D41     Avanstar PCI System
D42     Classic 16 Port RJ45 I/O Mate
D43     Acceleport C1
D44     16em RJ45 Ports Module
D45     Acceleport 232/422
D46     PC/4 16C550  Startech
D47     16em DB25 Ports Module
D48     PC/8r NEC
D49     COM/4i
D50     COM/8i
D51     C/CON2-16 RJ45 Concentrator Bull
D52     S/570i 2P RS232 ISA 256K
D53     LANAServer 8e Enterprise
D54     S/570ip 2P PCI RS232
D55     S/570i 4P ISA 256K V.35
D56     S/570i 2P ISA 256K RS232
D57     S/570i 2P ISA 128K V.35
D58     S/570i 4P MCA 256K RS232
D59     S/570i 4P MCA 256K V.35
D60     S/570i 2P MCA 128K RS232
D61     S/570i 2P MCA 128K V.35
D62     S/570ip 2P PCI X.21
D63     S/570i 2P ISA 256K RS232
D64     S/570i 2P ISA 128K V.35
D65     S/570i 2P ISA 128K X.21
D66     S/570i 4P ISA 256K RS232
D67     LANAServer 1Oe Enterprise
D68     16em ISA Host Centigram
D69     Retoura S2 +ST
D70     Retoura S2 +U
D71     C/CON-8 DB25 Concentrator
D72     C/CON-8 RJ45 Concentrator
D73     RightSwitch SE-6
D74     RightSwitch SE-6
D75     S/570 MCA GEN
D76     S/570 ISA GEN
D77     S/570i 2P MCA 128K RS232
D78     S/570i 4P MCA 256K RS232
D79     DPI PCI
D80     S/570i 4P ISA 256K X.21
D81     S/570i 2P ISA 256K V.35
D82     S/570 2P ISA 256K X.21
D83     S/570 2P MCA 256K X.21
D84     S/570i 2P MCA 128K X.21
D85     S/570i 2P MCA 128K V.35
D86     S/570i 2P MCA 256K V.35
D87     S/570i 2P ISA 128K V.35 SSI
D88     S/570i 2P MCA 128K V.35 SSI
D89     S/570i 4P MCA 256K V.35
D90     S/570i 4P MCA 256K X.21
D91     S/570i 2P ISA 256K RS232
D92     S/570 ISA N.S. SSI
D93     S/570 MCA N.S. SSI
D94     S/570 ISA SSI
D95     S/570 MCA SSI
D96     S/570i 2P ISA 128K X.21 SSI
D97     S/570i 2P MCA 128K X.21 SSI
D98     PCI/8r PLX
D99     PCI/4r PLX

E01     PC/4 16C550
E02     Syncport Plus ISA 128K
E03     Arnet Sync Plus C30
E04     Arnet Sync 2 Port ISA
E05     Arnet SyncPlus 2P ISA
E06     EPC/X PCI PLX Host
E07     CTX Powerpack
E08     EPC/X ISA 1MB Host
E09     Xem ISA 1MB Host
E10     Xem EISA 1MB Host
E11     19" Rack Chassis-2U
E12     Classic 8 Port 16C654 Quad UARTs
E13     Classic 4 Port 16C654 Quad UARTs
E14     Classic 8 Port 16C554 Quad UARTs
E15     Classic 4 Port 16C554 Quad UARTs
E16     Classic 16 Port 16C554 Quad UARTs
E17     Classic 16 Port I/O Box
E18     S/570i 4 Port ISA DEC
E19     S/570i 4P ISA  V.35 DEC
E20     S/570i4P X.21 ISA DEC
E21     S/128-PAA 572K (BULL)
E22     S/386i 2P ISA 1MB RS232
E23     S/386 2P ISA 1MB RS232
E24     S/386 4P ISA 1MB X.21
E25     S/386i 4P ISA 1MB V.35
E26     S/386i 4P ISA 1MB RS232
E27     S/386 4P ISA X.21 RS530
E28     S/386 4P ISA 1MB V.35
E29     S/386 ISA 4P 1MB RS232
E30     S/386 ISA 2P 1MB X.21/RS530
E31     S/386 2P ISA 1MB V.35
E32     S/386i 2P ISA 1MB X.21
E33     S/386i 2P ISA 1MB V.35
E34     S/570i 2P ISA 1MB RS232
E35     S/570i 2P ISA 128K V.35
E36     S/570i 2P ISA 128K X.21
E37     S/570i 4P ISA 256K V.35
E38     S/570i 4P ISA 256K X.21
E39     S/570i 4P ISA 256K RS232
E40     TI Modem Bank: Motherboard
E41     TI Modem Bank: Modem Card
E42     TI Modem Bank: Line Card
E43     TI Modem Bank: Power Supply
E44     TI Modem Bank: Dist Card
E45     TI Modem Bank: Fan Card
E46     TI Modem Bank: Box Assembly
E47     TI Modem Bank: Misc. Parts Kit
E48     TI Modem Bank: V.34+
E49     TI Modem Bank: Reserved
E50     S/570i 2P ISA 128K RS232 DCD
E51     S/570i 2P ISA 128K V.35 DCD
E52     S/570i 2P ISA 128K X.21 DCD
E53     S/570i 4P ISA 256K V.35 DCD
E54     S/570i 4P ISA 256K X.21 DCD
E55     S/570i 4P ISA 256K RS232 DCD
E56     S/570i 4P MCA 256K V.35
E57     S/570i 2P MCA 128K V.35
E58     S/570i 4P MCA 256K X.21
E59     S/570i 2P MCA 128K X.21
E60     S/570i 2P ISA 128K V.35 SSI
E61     S/570i 2P MCA 128K V.35 SSI
E62     S/570i 2P ISA 128K X.21 SSI
E63     S/570i 2P MCA 128K X.21 SSI
E64     S/570i 4P MCA 256K RS232
E65     S/570i 2P MCA 128K RS232
E66     Xem PCI 256K Host
E67     Xem PCI 1MB Host
E68     PCI/8r (Acceleport 8r PCI) 128KB
E69     PCI/4r (Acceleport 4r PCI) 128KB
E70     PCI/8r Bull
E71     PCI/4r Bull
E72     PCI/8r (Acceleport 8r PCI) EIA-422 128K
E73     PCI/4r (Acceleport 4r PCI) EIA-422 128K
E74     PCI/8r EIA-422 Bull
E75     PCI/4r EIA-422 Bull
E76     C/CON-16 RJ45 120K Concentrator
E77     C/CON-16 DB25 120K Concentrator
E78     C/CON-16 RJ45 Rack Concentrator
E79     PC/4 16C550, Precision Auto
E80     DataFire PCI Host
E81     C/X PCI Host
E82     DataFire U Go! Dongle
E84     APR-4 ISA RJ45 System
E85     DataFire PRIME ISA T1 2 Port Adapter
E86     PC Classic 8Port: NSC
E87     C/X PCI Motorola
E88     DataFire Go! PCMCIA Modem Adapter
E89     SyncPort PCI PLX
E90     Clusterport ISA 128K
E91     Clusterport ISA 512K
E92     Clusterport MC 128K
E93     CTX Host 1MB
E94     CTX ISA 256K
E95     ArnetFax
E96     Clusterport MC 512K
E97     SmartPort 16P DSUB RS232 Connector Box 16 Port 
E98     SmartPort Plus 8P DSUB RS232 Connector Box 8 Port 
E99     SmartPort 8P DSUB RS422 Connector Box

F01     Clusterport 16 Port DB25 Concentrator
F02     Clusterport 16 Port RJ45 Concentrator
F03     Comstax Remote
F04     Comstax
F05     Comstax 16 Port RJ45 Async Module
F06     Comstax 8 Port RJ45 Async Module
F07     CTX Remote
F08     Smartport Plus Bridge Assembly
F09     Multiport MCA 16C450
F10     Multiport MCA 16C550
F11     Smartport 8 Port ISA
F12     Smartport 4 Port ISA
F13     TwinPort w/o Clock
F14     Smartport Plus ISA 64K
F15     Smartport Plus MCA 64K
F16     Smartport LITE 4 Port
F17     Smartport LITE 8 Port
F18     Multiport LITE 4 Port
F19     Multiport LITE 8 Port
F20     Multiport 8 Port 16C450
F21     Multiport 4 Port 16C450
F22     Multiport 8 Port 16C550
F23     Multiport 4 Port 16C550
F24     Clusterport EISA 128K
F25     Clusterport EISA 512K
F26     Sync PortsPlus 2 Port ISA 128K
F27     Retoura S2 (X.21/V.35)
F28     S/570i SW56 2P V.35 ISA 128K
F29     S/570i SW56 2P ISA 128K RS232
F30     PC/4e 8K (GG) ISA Centigram
F31     PC/8e 8K (GG) ISA Centigram
F32     PC/2e 8K (GG) ISA Centigram
F33     Classic 4 Port RS422
F34     Classic 8 Port RS422
F35     S/570i 2P PCI UIB
F36     C/CON-16 115K RJ45 Concentrator: Bull
F37     C/X PCI Host: Bull
F38     DataFire Go! S/T PCMCIA Card
F39     Modem 8em Ports Module
F40     Modem 4em Ports Module
F41     C/CON-16 RACK RJ45 Concentrator Box
F42     C/Con-8 AIX RJ45 Concentrator
F43     C/Con-8 AIX DB25 Concentrator
F44     EPC/X EISA X.25 V.11 Host
F45     EPC/X EISA X.25 V.24 Host
F46     EPC/X EISA X.25 V.35 Host
F47     C/CON-16 AIX RJ45 Concentrator
F48     C/CON-16 AIX DB25 Concentrator
F49     C/CON-16 AIX RJ45 RACK Concentrator
F50     DataFire PRIME PCI T1
F51     DataFire PRIME PCI E1
F52     Retoura S+U w/o Hub
F53     DataFire PRIME PCI E1 STAC
F54     DataFire PRIME PCI E1
F55     PCI/8r (Acceleport 8r PCI) 128K RS232 Surge
F56     PCI/4r (Acceleport 4r PCI) 128K RS232 Surge 
F59     ACL MC+
F60     Xem PCI Host 256K, Bull
F61     PC/8e VE 8MHz, NCR
F62     DB25 8 Port, AT&T-GIS
F63     PC/8r (Acceleport 8r ISA) Plus
F64     PC/4r (Acceleport 4r ISA) Plus
F65     16em RJ45 Ports Module: Bull
F66     16em DB25 Ports Module: Bull
F67     DataFire Go! 33.6K
F68     Retoura S+ST w/ Hub & Software
F69     Retoura S+U w/ Hub & Software
F70     Retoura S+ST & Software
F71     Lana ISDN PC Card
F72     C/X PCI AIX Host
F73     PCI/8r ASIC 232/422: IBM DRAM
F74     C/X PCI Host: IBM
F75     PCI/8r (Acceleport 8r PCI) RS232
F76     C/X ISA 10MZ 512K Host
F77     C/Con-16 232: IBM
F78     DataFire PCI 1U
F79     DataFire PRIME ISA 1CT1
F80     S/570i 4P ISA V.35
F81     S/570i 4 Port ISA RS232
F82     C/CON-16 RS422: IBM
F83     PCI/8r ASIC 232/422 IBM SRAM
F84     Avanstar EISA System (Avanstar 100e)
F85     Avanstar MC System (Avanstar 200m)
F86     Avanstar Panel SP-8
F87     Avanstar Panel SP-16
F88     Avanstar Panel SP-16 RS232 Only
F89     Multiport/2 8 Port DSUB
F90     S/570i PCI 4Port RS232
F91     8 Port DB25 DTE Connector Assembly
F92     PCI-DPI Board: NCR
F93     ACL RS485 Panel
F94     ACLII+ 16K 422/485 Host
F95     ACLII+ RS232 Panel
F96     ACLII+ RS232 16K Host
F97     ACLII+ RS232 64K Host
F98     C/Con-16 RS422 RJ45
F99     Remote 422 ACLII Tektronix

G01     Classic 16 Port RJ45 16C554 Connector Box
G02     Acceleport 2000 PCI 4
G03     Acceleport 2000 PCI 8
G04     DataFire Go! 33.6K New Media
G05     Classic 16 Port RJ45 16C654 Connector Box
G06     Optum 8 Port RS232 Board: 
G07     PCI/8r Plus RS232 PLX
G08     PCI/4r RS232 PLX
G09     COM/8i RS422 RTEC
Last updated: Jun 23, 2019

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