How to keep Digi devices firmware and settings on sync using DRM Configurations

If you have a known working configuration and firmware version and you want to ensure your deployed device inventory stays in sync with that, you can use the Configurations feature in Digi Remote Manager to achieve that.  

Basically, when creating a configuration, a “Model” device is chosen and from it are imported all (or a group) of currently configured settings, the firmware version and also files can be chosen/uploaded.

Then, a group of devices is associated to the Configuration, so that DRM will scan the devices in that group, periodically or manually, to verify their compliance.

When a device is not in compliance, an alert is generated, and, if the remediate option is selected, its firmware/settings and files will be updated to match the configuration.

The configuration will manage all the devices of a specific model type in the group, but you can also differentiate single devices with the “site specific settings” option. With this feature, a template file is downloaded, edited for each device ID and selected settings, and then Uploaded back to the configuration, so that can be used in combination with the imported settings for the device scan.

The configuration settings and scan status will look like the following:


You will see the Configuration scan result and history also in the device details:

For more details about DRM Configuration creation, see DRM User Guide here: Digi Remote Manager User Guide - Configurations.

Last updated: Dec 21, 2023

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