Obtaining cached Connect Sensor SIM ICCID numbers

Obtaining cached Connect Sensor SIM ICCID numbers

This example obtains the ICCID as seen cached within “Mobile Information” on the Settings page of a device within Digi Remote Manager. Additionally it provides the cached UTC time as an estimate of when the ICCID provided was valid.

The IMEI to ICCID pairings, if possible can then be further verified with the carrier for validity.

1. Navigate within Digi Remote Manager to the [API Explorer]

2. Select [POST] and enter “/ws/sci”

3. Enter the following as the “Body” of the Request form, target can be adjusted as detailed here and here to reduce scope (tag, group, device_id)


Example (Time and ICCID):

<sci_request version="1.0">

<send_message cache="only">


    <device id="all"/>


<rci_request version="1.1">






Example excerpt (Operator/Provider):



4. Select the [Run the API call] “Arrow within a circle” button.

5. Export the result to .XML using the [Download] button.

6. You can now import this to other utilities to format, below is an example using LibreOffice Spreadsheets that produces columns of IMEI to ICCID pairings.


LibreOffice Spreadsheet import example:

1. Open a new sheet

2. Highlight row headings A to Q

3. Right Click -> Format Cells, Select “Text”

4. [Data] -> [XML Source], Select the .XML file

5. Select “Device”

6. Click into Cell A1

7. Click Import

8. Right Click Unneeded columns (the heading), [Delete Columns]

Last updated: Jun 18, 2024

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