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Port labeling feature not working in AnywhereUSB web interface


Within the Applications - RealPort USB section of the AnywhereUSB web interface, text entered into the the Description fields, doesn't "stick" after clicking the Apply button.  For example, one of the Description fields may "move" to the other field, of a different USB Port.

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This issue is specific to using the web interface (WebUI) to set the description(s).

This is a known issue in the current release (as of today's date, 1-20-2017) AnywhereUSB firmware v1.90.xxxx, the firmware in which this Port Labeling feature was added.  This issue will very likely be fixed in the next AnywhereUSB firmware release.

Until then, a workaround is offered of changing the description via the AnywhereUSB’s “CLI” (command-line interface, through Telnetting or SSH’ing into the unit), using the "set realportusb" command.

set realportusb port=1 description="My port 1"
set realportusb port=2 description="My port 2"

NOTE:  The AnywhereUSB's Telnet or SSH must service be running in order to connect to the AnywhereUSB's CLI.  You can check this under Configuration – Network – Network Services Settings in the WebUI.

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Last updated: Jan 03, 2024

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