PPP Configuration With CHAP Authentication on PortServer TS/II and Digi One TS Units.

Chap authentication cpconf settings using 2 PortServer TS units.
In this example, a PPP link is configured with CHAP authentication on 2 PortServer units where the dial-out Portserver IP address is and the dial-in PortServer IP address is
Dial out PortServer:
set port range=(port#) dev=mio
set flow range=(port#) ixon=off ixoff=off rts=on cts=on
set forwarding state=passive proxyarp=on
set user name=pppout protocol=ppp
set user name=pppout ipaddr= ipmask=
set user name=pppout localipaddr= netrouting=off
set user name=pppout defaultaccess=netservice

set user name=pppout netservice=on
set user name=pppout outgoing=on
set user name=pppout ports=1-16
set user name=pppout pppauth=none

set user name=pppout chapid="pppin" chapkey="pppin"
set user name=pppout device="gendialer" loginscript="loginscript"
set user name=pppout n1="18005551212" n2="" n3="" n4="" n5=""
set user name=pppout p1="pppin" p2="pppin"

In this configuration, the ipaddr and ipmask is the PPP IP address/mask assigned to the remote side of the PPP link.  The localipaddr is the near side IP address for the PPP link.
The n1 value is the phone number to call and the p1 and p2 values are the username and password.
To initiate the connection, issue the following:
set user name=pppout dialout=on
Dial-in PortServer:
set forwarding state=passive proxyarp=on
set port range=(port#) dev=mio

set flow range=(port#) ixon=off ixoff=off rts=on cts=on
set user name=pppin
newpass pppin                                             <- set the password, in this example it is pppin
set user name=pppin protocol=ppp

set user name=pppin ipaddr= ipmask=
set user name=pppin localipaddr=

set user name=pppin defaultaccess=netservice
set user name=pppin ports=1-8
set user name=pppin pppauth=chap

set user name=pppin chapid="pppin" chapkey="pppin"

If this configuration fails please capture some debug information for analysis by issuing the follwoing command from the PortServer root prompt:
#>  set trace state=on mode=concurrent mask=ppp:+d+i+c, wan:+d+i+c, dialer:+d+i+c
This will scroll debug information quickly across your screen, please use a terminal emulation package capable of capturing this data and send it to Digi Technical Support for analysis.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  The CHAP authentication is not compatible with MS-CHAP (Microsoft).
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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