Recommendations for lowering cellular data usage/overage for Remote Manager connectivity


Wake up (shoulder tap):

A wake up or "shoulder tap" can be sent to trigger a connection to the Remote Manager.  This is documented at:

Digi Remote Manager User Guide
SMS CLI Command:

There is also the  CLI (CommandLine Interface) which can send one message at a time.  For example:
#cli[,options[,password]] <CLI Command>
This command takes a command string to be run on the device CLI.  (i.e.: #cli boot action=reset, to reboot a device)
SMS Python:

The more full-featured SMS support for python is found in the form of the digisms module.  The usage is described on this page:

digisms module
Make sure python support is enabled from the Web UI page of your Device.  You can configure the firmware to pass the SMS message to python from a ConnectPort X4 web interface by going to:  Configuration -> Mobile -> SMS settings.  There will be a checkbox allowing received SMS messages to go to python.  Check that, click apply and reboot.
You would need to configure the device firmware to pass the SMS message to its python interpreter.  You would then have a python application running that would send back the answer.

Remote Manager TCP Keepalive:

In the interest of minimizing cellular usage, the keep-alive interval can be tweaked. The ideal value depends on the particular cellular connection...for example in some situations idle TCP connections might be killed after 5 minutes, so if the keep-alive interval is set higher than 5 minutes it will actually lead to much higher data utilization if the device is just reconnecting ever 5 minutes. 

Remote Manager connectivity can be configured to timeout when there is a period of inactivity from the Device Properties in Remote Manager Device Management > Connection Idle Timeout (seconds).  For example:

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Last updated: Apr 02, 2019

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