Sleep Modes on XCite, Xstream and XTend

XCite and XStream

There are three different sleep (power down) modes available on XCite and XStream modems, listed here in order of efficiency:

1. (most efficient) Pin Sleep - allows the modem to be awakened by a host-controlled "DTR" pin.

2. Cyclic Sleep - allows the modem to be awakened over the air from an RF wake-up beacon.

3. Serial Port Sleep - allows the modem to be awakened by incoming data from the serial port (Data In).


XTend modems have the same sleep modes as the XCite and XStream modems listed above, plus one additional power-down mode, which is more efficient than Pin Sleep: Shutdown mode.

Please see the respective XCite, XStream and XTend manuals or contact Digi Technical Services for more details.

Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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