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The Digi CM, Digi Passport, and ConnectPort LTS disaster recovery procedure.

In the event the configuration data is destroyed or corrupted. 

The Digi console server automatically restores a corrupted configuration file system to the factory default settings. 
However, if the Digi unit fails to boot in spite of being reset to the factory default settings, the firmware can be restored by using the Boot Loader program. 

To restore the Digi unit to the factory default configuration settings, you will need to use a TFTP or BOOTP server to download the firmware from. To use the Boot Loader program to flash new firmware, do the following:

1. Connect the console port on the rear panel of the Digi unit to a serial port on a workstation. Use an Ethernet cable with a DB-9 adapter.

2. Set up a terminal emulation program such as HyperTerminal. Use the following port parameters: bps=9600, data bits=8, parity=none, stop bits=1, flow control=none

3. Reboot or power on the Digi unit.

4. Press the ESC key within three seconds of applying power to the device.

5. Choose Firmware upgrade by entering 2. This will bring up the Firmware Upgrade menu.

6. Enter the information for the first menu items:

" Protocol: The choices are BOOTP or TFTP
" IP address assigned: Enter the IP address of the Digi unit
" Server IP address: The IP address of the BOOTP or TFTP server
" Firmware File Name: The filename for the firmware
Note: Use the ESC key to back up to earlier menu screens. 7. Choose Start firmware upgrade. The firmware upgrade will take several minutes to process.

8. When the upgrade process is complete, choose ESC to return to the main menu.

9. Choose Exit and boot from flash.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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