Transport as cellular modem

AT&W        (This saves the serial data in SREGS.DAT)
To access the module, we now have several methods:
  1. From the command line we can access the port with AT\PORT=X. Then we can now use AT commands to access the module directly.
  2. Telnet from another device to the port 400X, for example “telnet 400X”.
This should again give you access to the AT command interface of the module.
  1. Using REALPORT allows a host computer to talk to the router’s serial ports, via a TCP/IP link, as if they were physically attached to the computer.
  2. Virtual serial port :- there are a number of products that can give a host a virtual serial port and connect over the network to the Transport router’s serial interface on port 400X.
Options 3 or 4 would allow applications on the host to access the cellular router as a local serial port.
Last updated: Feb 27, 2019

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