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Troubleshooting "multicolor" image problems with Watchport/V2 or Watchport/V3 USB cameras

This article applies to customers seeing "multicolor" sections in photos and video taken with Watchport/V2 or Watchport/V3 USB cameras.

Typically, this kind of symptom is caused by a very white spot (glare) where the "multicolor" area is, in which the AWB (auto white balance) function of our driver is most likely adjusting the RGB (red, green, blue) values for that particular spot to cause the different looking colors.
Florescent lights have the biggest variations in color and are not the best light source to use for color correctness. Typically, in instances like this, it is recommended to use something like a tungsten bulb or something closer to white.
If changing light types is not feasible, reposition the light source, so it is not pointing directly at the "multicolor" area(s) in question.
If none of these suggestions are possible, or they don''t help, software configuration changes may. Review the instructions below, depending on in you''re running the DirectShow or TWAIN version of our driver.
If you are using the TWAIN driver: 
1.Turn off AWB and then see if manually adjusting the colors instead helps with the current picture and then subsequent pictures after that. If you are using some 3rd-party software to interface with the Watchport camera, these settings should be accessible somewhere in that software. You may need to dig around in that program''s menu options and look for something related to settings/configuration/etc. until you find the related settings window, which may be called 'color control panel' or something close. 
2.The other thing you could try would be to leave AWB on, but try out the other AGC (auto gain control) methods to see if any of them help. To do this, look for a settings window, which may be called 'camera control panel' or something close. By default, it should be on 'Center'. Try the other methods, one at a time. 
3. You may have to mix and match #1 and #2 so try different combinations of settings if needed. 
If you are unable to find these settings windows within that 3rd-party software, you can always use our own bundled VC3Viewer application, just to get to those settings. Click the Controls menu option then click 'camera control panel' and/or 'color control panel'. Since these settings are ultimately saved in the Windows registry, if you make changes here, they should be 'pulled' from any other software that interfaces with the camera.

Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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